Welcome to the Department of Physics, IIT Indore

( A DST-FIST supported Department )

The ever-expanding ocean of knowledge is a priceless heritage of the entire human race offering diverse applications and benefits. In the present era, education and research in science have been identified to be of utmost importance. From ancient times, physics has attracted the human race due to their curiosity about the Origin of the Universe, Gravity, Time and Space, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Atomic Structure, Fundamental Particles, Radiation, Heat, etc. The Department of physics aims to educate the students by giving them a blend of knowledge of fundamental and applied physics, as well as our faculty, aspire to develop advanced research areas in central India.

The faculty members are from diverse streams and specializations. Being part of an institute of national importance, the Physics faculty of IIT Indore offers a unique interactive platform for the students to explore the arena of fundamental and applied research.

Research Highlights