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Research Scholars

Ajay Kumar
Roll Number: 104120005
Email Id: ajayk@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic: Physics with panda experiment in FAIR, GSI Darmstadt
Ajay Pratap Singh
Roll Number: 11115106
Email Id: phd11115106@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic: Anisotropic spacetimes
Najimuddin Khan
Roll Number: 11125102
Email Id: phd11125102@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic: Particle physics phenomenology, Exploring Physics Beyond The Standard Model
Pooja Pareek
Roll Number: 12115104
Email Id: phd12115104@iiti.ac.in
Pritpal Kaur Sandhu
Roll Number: 12115105
Email Id: phd12115105@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic: Collision between Cluster of Galaxies
Priyadarshini Suchismita Behera
Roll Number: 12115106
Email Id: phd12115106@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic: Synthesis and Study of Structural, Electrical, Magnetic properties of Spinel metal Chalcogenides
Sudeep Ghosh
Roll Number: 12115113
Email Id: phd12115113@iiti.ac.in
Shailendra Kumar Saxena
Roll Number: 12115112
Email Id: phd12115112@iiti.ac.in
Hari Mohan Rai
Roll Number: 12115109
Email Id: phd12115109@iiti.ac.in
Sudip Kumar Naskar
Roll no.1301251001
Email Id.: phd1301251001@iiti.ac.in
Ankita Goswami
Roll No.: 1301151001
Email Id : phd1301151001@iiti.ac.in
Surjendu Bikas Dutta
Roll no.1301251002
Email Id.: phd1301251002@iiti.ac.in
Amit Kumar Rana
Roll no.1401151002
Email Id.: phd1401151002@iiti.ac.in
Arvind Khuntia
Roll no.1401151005
Email Id.: phd1401151005@iiti.ac.in
Dhananjaya Thakur
Roll no.1401151006
Email Id.: phd1401151006@iiti.ac.in
Harisankar S
Roll no.1401151007
Email Id.: phd1401151007@iiti.ac.in
Kavita Soni
Roll no.1401151008
Email Id.: phd1401151008@iiti.ac.in
Md Kamal Warshi
Roll no.1401151009
Email Id.: phd1401151009@iiti.ac.in
Mohd. Nasir
Roll no.1401151010
Email Id.: phd1401151010@iiti.ac.in
Nasima Khatun
Roll no. 1401151011
Email Id.: phd1401151011@iiti.ac.in
Vikash Mishra
Roll no.1401151016
Email Id.: phd1401151016@iiti.ac.in
Alok Yadav
Roll no. 1401251001
Email Id.: phd1401251001@iiti.ac.in
Ankit Soni
Roll no.1401251002
Email Id.: phd1401251002@iiti.ac.in
Kushal Mazumder
Roll no. 1401251003
Email Id.: phd1401251003@iiti.ac.in
Md. Samsul Islam
Roll no.1401251004
Email Id.: phd1401251004@iiti.ac.in
Mithun Majee
Roll no. 1401251005
Email Id.: phd1401251005@iiti.ac.in
Pragati Sahoo
Roll no.1401251006
Email Id.: phd1401251006@iiti.ac.in
Priyanka Yogi
Roll no. 1401251007
Email Id.: phd1401251007@iiti.ac.in
Saptarshi Ghosh
Roll no.1401251008
Email Id.: phd1401251008@iiti.ac.in
Sayan Chaudhuri
Roll no. 1401251009
Email Id.: phd1401251009@iiti.ac.in
Siddhartha Karmakar
Roll no.1401251010
Email Id.: phd1401251010@iiti.ac.in
Surykant Mishra
Roll no. 1401251011
Email Id.: phd1401251011@iiti.ac.in
Sushanta Tripathi
Roll no. 1501151001
Email Id.: phd1501151001@iiti.ac.in
Gowthamaraju. S
Roll no. 1501151002
Email Id.: phd1501151002@iiti.ac.in
Anil Kumar
Roll no. 1501151006
Email Id.: phd1501151006@iiti.ac.in
Roll no.1501151007
Email Id.: phd1501151007@iiti.ac.in
Priodyuti Pradhan
Roll no. 1501251001
Email Id.: phd1501251001@iiti.ac.in
Sudhir Rode
Roll no.1501251002
Email Id.: phd1501251002@iiti.ac.in
Dipanita Kar
Roll no. 1601151001
Email Id.: phd1601151001@iiti.ac.in
Ruhul Amin
Roll no. 1601151003
Email Id.: phd1601151003@iiti.ac.in
Jayashree Pattanayak
Roll no. 1601151004
Email Id.: phd1601151004@iiti.ac.in