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Head of the Discipline

Dr. Krushna R. Mavani
Email: krushna[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 905
Research Interests:
  •     Thin films and Multilayers
  •     Multiferroics
  •     Metal-Insulator Transition


Dr. Subhendu Rakshit
Email: rakshit[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 732 4306 737
Office: POD1E 509A
Research Interests:
  •     Particle physics phenomenology,
  •    Neutrino physics,
  •    Higgs search at LHC,
  •    Dark matter
Dr. Sarika Jalan
Email: sarika[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 738
Research Interests:
  • Complex Systems and nonlinear dynamics
  • Systems biology, Spectral graph theory, Applications of Random matrix theory to biological and social systems, Synchronization, Coupled chaotic, Delayed networks, Extreme events, Adaptation and Evolution
Dr. Ankhi Roy
Associate Professor
Email: ankhi[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 740
Research Interests:
  •     Hadron Physics
  •     Physics beyond Standard Model
  •     Multivariate Analysis Techniques to analyse rare decay modes
Dr. Raghunath Sahoo
Associate Professor
Email: raghunath[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 736
Research Interests:
  •     Experimental High Energy Nuclear Physics (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions: Quark-Gluon Plasma)
  •     Phenomenology of Quark-Gluon Plasma, Global Properties and Heavy Flavors
Dr. Preeti A. Bhobe
Associate Professor
Email: pbhobe[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 732 4240 907
Research Interests:
  •     Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Study of crystal and electronic structure, and magnetic properties of functional materials
  •     X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS)
  •     Photoemission Spectroscopy (PES)
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Associate Professor
Email: rajeshkumar[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 901
Research Interests:
  •     Experimental Solid State Physics
  •     Organic and Inorganic Semiconductors
  •     Nanostructures
Dr. Somaditya Sen
Associate Professor
Email: sens[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 940
Research Interests:
  • Multiferroics, Magnetic Semiconductors, Nano-materials, Semiconducting Glasses, Perovskites, Titanates/Manganites, Pnictogen Chalcogenides Complex oxides
Dr. Pankaj R.Sagdeo
Associate Professor
Email: prs[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 919
Research Interests:
  •     In house development of scientific instruments.
  •     To search for the novel experimental technique and or methodology for material characterization.
Dr. Sudeshna Chattopadhyay
Associate Professor
Email: sudeshna[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 ---
Research Interests:
  •     Surfaces and interfaces
  •     Soft matter and nanomaterials
Dr. Manavendra N.Mahato
Associate Professor
Email: manav[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 741
Research Interests:
  •     Gauge/gravity correspondence
  •     String Theory
  •     General relativity

Ramanujan Fellow

Dr. Parashram M.Shirage
Associate Professor(MEMS)
Ramanujan Fellow
Email: pmshirage[at]iiti.ac.in
Phone: +91 731 2438 ---
Research Interests:
  •     New Superconductors Search, Synthesis and Single Crystal Growth
  •     High Pressure High Temperature synthesis technique for search novel advanced materials like superconductors, multiferroics, topological insulators, etc.
  •     Isotope effect for Understanding the Basic Mechanism