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Master's Students: Senior year

Ekta Yadav
Roll No.: 1603151003
Email Id : msc1603151003@iiti.ac.in
Haridev S R
Roll No.: 1603151004
Email Id : msc1603151004@iiti.ac.in
Jaswant Singh
Roll No.: 1603151005
Email Id : msc1603151005@iiti.ac.in
KM Kajal Singh
Roll No.: 1603151006
Email Id : msc1603151006@iiti.ac.in
Lalit Bharti
Roll No.: 1603151007
Email Id : msc1603151007@iiti.ac.in
Manushree Tanwar
Roll No.: 1603151009
Email Id : msc1603151009@iiti.ac.in
Nima Tshering Bhutia
Roll No.: 1603151011
Email Id : msc1603151011@iiti.ac.in
Ouseph C J
Roll No.: 1603151012
Email Id : msc1603151012@iiti.ac.in
Pragya Singh
Roll No.: 1603151013
Email Id : msc1603151013@iiti.ac.in
Pramod Sharma
Roll No.: 1603151014
Email Id : msc1603151014@iiti.ac.in
Ramraj Meena
Roll No.: 1603151016
Email Id : msc1603151016@iiti.ac.in
Reena Yadav
Roll No.: 1603151017
Email Id : msc1603151017@iiti.ac.in
Ritu Yadav
Roll No.: 1603151018
Email Id : msc1603151018@iiti.ac.in
Rohit Yadav
Roll No.: 1603151020
Email Id : msc1603151020@iiti.ac.in
Simran Lambora
Roll No.: 1603151021
Email Id : msc1603151021@iiti.ac.in
Sonal Mittal
Roll No.: 1603151022
Email Id : msc1603151022@iiti.ac.in
Sukriti Singh
Roll No.: 1603151023
Email Id : msc1603151023@iiti.ac.in
Thuonaojam Vicky Singh
Roll No.: 1603151024
Email Id : msc1603151024@iiti.ac.in

Master's Students: Junior year

Ashish Bisht
Roll No.: 1703151001
Email Id : msc1703151001@iiti.ac.in
Bajrang Gupta
Roll No.: 1703151002
Email Id : msc1703151002@iiti.ac.in
Debasish Sahoo
Roll No.: 1703151003br> Email Id : msc1703151003@iiti.ac.in
Roll No.: 1703151004
Email Id : msc1703151004@iiti.ac.in
Hridey Chetri
Roll No.: 1703151005
Email Id : msc1703151005@iiti.ac.in
Manoj Kumar
Roll No.: 1703151006
Email Id : msc1703151006@iiti.ac.in
Roll No.: 1703151007
Email Id : msc1703151007@iiti.ac.in
Roll No.: 1703151008
Email Id : msc1703151008@iiti.ac.in
Naveen Mendola
Roll No.: 1703151009
Email Id : msc1703151009@iiti.ac.in
Pavish S
Roll No.: 1703151010
Email Id : msc1703151010@iiti.ac.in
Piyush Kalra
Roll No.: 1703151011
Email Id : msc1703151011@iiti.ac.in
Pramodini Mallik
Roll No.: 1703151013
Email Id : msc1703151013@iiti.ac.in
Prasoon Chakraborty
Roll No.: 1703151014
Email Id : msc1703151014@iiti.ac.in
Roll No.: 1703151015
Email Id : msc1703151015@iiti.ac.in
Rahul Kumar
Roll No.: 1703151016
Email Id : msc1703151016@iiti.ac.in
Ravi Suman
Roll No.: 1703151019
Email Id : msc 1703151019@iiti.ac.in
Swati Malhotra
Roll No.: 1703151022
Email Id : msc1703151022@iiti.ac.in