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Graduated PhD students:

Fozia Aziz
Roll Number: 104120003
Email Id: fozia.aziz@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic: Correlations of structure, magnetism and ferroelectricity in complex oxides
Supervisor: Dr. Krushna Mavani
Class of 2014

Aradhana Singh
Roll Number: 1010604
Email Id: aradhanas@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic: Coupled dynamics on networks and synchronization
Supervisor: Dr. Sarika Jalan
Class of 2015

Sanjiv Kumar Dwivedi
Roll Number: 11115105
Email Id: phd11115105@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic:Spectral Analysis of Complex Networks
Supervisor: Dr. Sarika Jalan
Class of 2016

Mahesh Chandra
Roll Number: 104120004
Email Id: mahesh@iiti.ac.in
Research Topic:phenomena influencing multiferroicity in complex oxides
Supervisor: Dr. Krushna R Mavani
Class of 2016

Aditya Nath Mishra
Roll Number: 12115101
Email Id: phd12115101@iiti.ac.in
Supervisor: Dr. Raghunath Sahoo
Class of 2016

Graduated Masters Students: Class of 2015

Anupriya Aggarwal
Roll No.: 1303151003
Email Id : ms1303151003@iiti.ac.in
Ashish Sehrawat
Roll No.: 1303151004
Email Id : ms1303151004@iiti.ac.in
MD Balal
Roll No.: 1303151007
Email Id : ms1303151007
Rohit Gupta
Roll No.: 1303151008
Email Id : ms1303151008@iiti.ac.in
Rupnayan Borah
Roll No.: 1303151009
Email Id : ms1303151009@iiti.ac.in
Uttiya Sarkar
Roll No.: 1303151010
Email Id : ms1303151010@iiti.ac.in

Graduated Masters Students: Class of 2016

Deepu Kumar
Roll No.: 1403151002
Email Id : ms1403151002@iiti.ac.in
Haardik Pandey
Roll No.: 1403151003
Email Id : ms1403151003@iiti.ac.in
Piyush Kumar Gautam
Roll No.: 1403151004
Email Id : ms1403151004@iiti.ac.in
Pooja Yadav
Roll No.: 1403151005
Email Id : ms1403151005@iiti.ac.in
Prateek Kumar
Roll No.: 1403151006
Email Id : ms1403151006@iiti.ac.in
Preetam Singh
Roll No.: 1403151007
Email Id : ms1403151007@iiti.ac.in
Rekha Agarwal
Roll No.: 1403151008
Email Id : ms1403151008@iiti.ac.in
Saeed Ahmad
Roll No.: 1403151009
Email Id : ms1403151009@iiti.ac.in
Shitap Lavu Vilas
Roll No.: 1403151010
Email Id : ms1403151010@iiti.ac.in
Sunil Jakhar
Roll No.: 1403151011
Email Id : ms1403151011@iiti.ac.in