Policy for Recruiting External Students as Interns in Discipline of Physics

Many UG/PG students approach physics faculty members for short-term internship (one year or less) in their respective research groups. This helps students to evaluate their future research inclinations and career prospects in physics within various groups at IIT Indore. Following policies are designed with the intent of encouraging the internships in physics:
  1. For Approval:

    Potential internship candidates may directly send their detailed CV to the concerned faculty member based on their research interests. If the concerned faculty member is interested, he/she can record his/her consent on the application and forward the same to the Head of Physics for approval. Head of Physics will be the final approving authority for such interns or project students.
  2. Documents required:

    Once the internship application is approved by Head of Physics, it is the responsibility of the concerned faculty member to get the following documents from the candidate and submit the same to the physics office.
    • CV of the candidate
    • Bonfide certificate on the letterhead of the parent institute/university (Annexure I ).
    • Two coloured passport size photographs.
    • Safety Declaration Form (Annexure II).
  3. Internship Fees:

    The institute should charge a nominal fee of Rs. 2000/month from the intern/project student. This should be paid, after approval by the Head of Physics, either through a Bank Draft in the name of Registrar, IIT Indore, or online after obtaining the bank account details. Physics office will receive the fees and all necessary documents on the day the intern or project student joins the institute. The entire amount of the fee should go to the Discipline Development Fund, which can be used within the Discipline after approval from Head.
    Faculty members and scientists may bear the expenses for the internship/project fee from their respective sponsored project funds or Research Development Fund (RDF). As the internship/project student will be working with the faculty member or scientist, the faculty member may also pay the student for the duration of the internship. To facilitate this, faculty members and scientists may make provisions for internship/project students while submitting projects to funding agencies.
  4. Honorarium:

    No honorarium will be paid to any external internship or project student from institute funds. Faculty members/scientists may provide honorarium, if they wish, from their sponsored projects and/or RDF.
  5. Accommodation and Foods:

    Candidates will have to bear the expenses for accommodation and food. The candidate may request for hostel/guesthouse accommodation as per hostel/guest house availability and rules. The supervisor at IIT Indore may use his/her research grant or RDF or any other fund to cover for expenses incurred by the student.
  6. Issue of Identity Cards:

    It is the responsibility of the Physics Office to arrange for the appropriate I-card for the said duration at the time of joining of the candidate. Physics Office should check all the documents mentioned above. Interns or project students will not be given entry without appropriate I-card at any campus of IIT Indore, and they must carry identity cards with them at all times within the institute.
  7. No dues:

    It is the responsibility of the supervisor at IIT Indore to ensure that the internship or project student obtains no dues ( Annexure III ) before the certificate can be issued to the external student.
  8. Submission of the report and Issuing of certificate:

    On completion of the internship the candidate should submit a brief report on the work done by him/her along with the 'No Dues' certificate to Physics Office with a cover letter requesting for issue of certificate for the internship. The report and cover letter should be recommended and forwarded by the concerned supervisor to the Physics Office to issue the certificate to the candidate (Annexure IV). Physics Office should also ensure the receipt of No dues and collection of I-card before issuing the certificate to the candidate.
  9. Co-supervisor from institute:

    In case a faculty member or scientist at IIT Indore wishes to be the co-supervisor of an external student, then an approval of the same must be obtained from Head of Physics prior to the starting of the project work. All necessary documents of the external university/institute must be submitted to the Physics Office for approval.
  10. Records:

    All records of the interns will be maintained by Physics Office. The consolidated details in the prescribed format (Annexure V) must be sent by the Head of Physics to the Office of Dean (R & D) twice a year (first week of August and first week of January).
  11. Medical facilities:

    The internship/project student will be eligible for medical benefits in accordance with the existing rules and regulations but will be limited to consulting the resident doctors of IIT Indore for illnesses or alignments that occur while the student is working at IIT Indore. The internship/project student will have to bear expenses towards purchase of medicines, pathological test, hospital treatment charges, and/or any other charges as applicable with the treatment. Office of Head should strongly advise the student to be enrolled with a comprehensive medical insurance before commencing the internship/project at IIT Indore. The institute shall not be liable or accountable in any way for any medical claims for any internship/project student.
  12. Internship duration:

    The minimum and maximum duration of internship shall be 1 month and 12 months, respectively.
  13. Implementation:

    The policy comes into effect from the date of approval by Director, and will be applicable for any new internship/project student. Once the new policy comes into effect, any earlier guidelines/policies will not be effective. The policy can be reviewed as and when required. All decisions with respect to the external students doing internship/project at IIT Indore will be taken by the Head of Physics.