Discipline of physics offers two post graduate programmes.

1. Ph.D. programme in physics

Discipline of physics conducts about 4 interviews throughout the year for selecting candidates for its Ph.D. programme as per IIT Indore guidelines. More details including application form are available at Ph.D. admissions at IIT Indore. In addition, students can also join any funded project by approaching its principal investigator. These admissions are done as per guidelines of the funding agency.

2. M.Sc. programme in physics

Admissions in our Master's programme is done according to Merit list in JAM examination conducted by jointly by Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of Ministry of Human Resources every year. For more details about JAM and JAM-2019, Click here.

Open JRF positions in discipline of physics

See advertisement for a JRF position in complex systems lab, IIT Indore.

See advertisement for another JRF position in complex systems lab, IIT Indore.

Discipline of physics also offers internship opportunities.

Apply to work with exciting current research and sophisticated facilities in discipline of physics at IIT Indore by applying for internship. Open positions are available in many labs. It offers great opportunitiy to get a closer hands on training, insights into developing trends in various research fields in physics, interaction with experienced faculty, postdocs as well as research students in various labs in a congenial and stimulating environment.

Please go through our policy for intern candidates.

Relevant forms/documents are
  1. Bonafide certificate form. Click here for doc/pdf.
  2. Safety declaration form. Click here for doc/pdf.
  3. No dues form. Click here for doc/pdf.
  4. Internship certificate format. Click here for doc/pdf.
  5. Consolidated details form. Click here for doc/pdf.