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Mission & Purpose

Discipline of physics consists of eleven faculty members, one Ramanujan fellow and one research scientist from a diverse range of research areas such as Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Complex Systems and Non-linear Dynamics, Theoretical and Experimental High Energy Physics. It is one of the major disciplines at Indian Institute of Technology Indore.

Theoretical high energy physics has two faculty members with research focus on string theory and beyond standard model physics. Two faculty members in experimental high energy physics are focused on quark gluon plasma and hadron physics. They are also engaged in many reputed international collaborations including ALICE experiment in Large Hardonic Collider, CERN, Geneva. IIT Indore also hosts a robust faculty group of six experimental solid state members with engaged in research exploring diverse properties of materials ranging from multiferroics, superconductivity, semiconductors, nanomaterials using various spectroscopy and diffraction techniques as well as instrumentation. They also actively engaged in many interdisciplinary research activities. The discipline also hosts a faculty nonlinear dynamics and complex networks. Holding many experimental facilities, good mix theoretical and experimental research, significant number of research scholars, national and international collaborations, physics discipline is now a vibrant platform for both higher education and research.

Physics discipline at IIT Indore started M.Sc. Physics from July, 2013 onwards to serve the higher education besides promoting current research.

Major research area in Discipline of Physics are: